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"Walking the Talk: Devotion to the Priestess Path"

What’s in a walk?

Your whole life. Where you came from, where you’re going, who or what you’ve invited along.

Every act has the potential to become devotional. A simple walk becomes a Walk becomes a Path becomes a WAY. Do you #walkyourtalk? As a pillar of #modernpriestesshood, “walking our talk” is a process of dedicating ourselves to authentically living our true calling. In deep reverence to self, process and one’s role in the world.

Devotion is how we cultivate our relationship to our true selves and to the Divine. It is the song of recognition we sing back to our souls, reverberating back to us and through us into Infinity. Devotion is how we serve humanity by helping bring the dreams of the world-soul into material time and space. What inspires you? How do you resonate? How do you practice devotion?

Walk with me for a spell. Watch the video. Listen to Vivaldi’s Andante as interpreted by Bobby McFerrin and sink into the symbolism of the walk and gestures. Then slowly walk with me to the Light – wherever you are. A Priestess is often called upon to Lead the Way. She can frequently be found teaching and inspiring others, making the act of discovery a devotional, sacred act. Won't you take a moment and join me?

When she devotes herself to nature, she immerses into the primal source of inspiration. In devotion to her ancestors, she feels deep currents run through her body, heart and soul leading to the unique codes of her roots and cultural wellspring. In dedication to a Deity, Goddess, or Archetype, she surrenders into her role as a Holy Channel for Divine Healing & Blessing; ready to use her earthly gifts to bridge realms of existence for the healing and enlightenment of those she serves. A walk is a walk is a quantum leap if we will it so.

So, if you’re ready for something so profoundly, transformationally simple, walk a while with me: wherever, whoever you are. Andante – a meditative walk. Let the music lead you to the Light as you imbue each step with renewed dedication to the sheer magnificence of Who You Really Are. Each step a conscious act of evolution.

Let each step bring you closer to asking your heart a simple question:

If you only give once this season, give in devotion to the Light. What could you help bring about for humanity if you supported the efforts of “Priestess ~ A Stage Production” to reach into the soul of the #ModernPriestess to #manifest #transformation? Are you ready to #beinspired and #supportinspiration?

Like, love, share & give: Multiply the force of inspiration and blessing this #GivingSeason on #GivingTuesday2021. The soul of humanity is calling, and we’re devoted to answering the call! #Priestesstheshow #Priestessastageproduction

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