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The first of a series especially adapted for the Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta. 

We are delving into Prayerformance in preparation for our sacred Pilgrimage to Delphi in October 2022.

Working with selected Delphic Maxims, we will perform the processional dance in the sacred landscape of Delphi this year!

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As part of Graell Corsini's Priestess College at the Ashland Goddess temple, I often contribute Embodied Priestess workshops dedicated to the Goddess. 

Initiates experience dance and movement as spiritual practice and learn to embody Grace and Devotion through timeless movements and formations, inspired by myth and art history.

With the Goddess Conference,
July 27 - August 1, 2021

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Archive of Past Workshops

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Is your soul ready to re-awaken to Love, Beauty and the Law of Attraction? Does your heart feel the longing for new inspirations? Is your body yearning for sensual, expressive creativity?

The Call of Aphrodite/Venus is enticing Sisters of Spirit to cross the threshold into a full-on season of renewal and re-blossoming. Drawing us toward a renaissance of soul, heart and body, the Goddess of Love and Beauty holds out magical possibilities for healing, inspiration and igniting the Law of Attraction in our lives.

In Sophia’s Prayerformance cycle of Myth Analysis, Art History, Dance & Ceremony, we’ll meet & commune with the Golden Goddess through:

- Reading/deconstructing selected myths
- Appreciating Her image and works inspired by Her throughout Art History
- Moving in Her flows, patterns & gestures using Isadora Duncan technique
- Merging our Movement with Sacred Intent for Prayerformance & Magic

Elizabeth Russell, UK

"Every time I do it it's like the pillar of light opens in my soul!
Thank you for helping me to heal and integrate in the sessions we have done. You are an amazing teacher." 

Yeshe Matthews, Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple

"I absolutely loved every moment of your class. It was so deep, fresh, and stirring."

Allona Fiero, S. Oregon

"Sophia, your dance totally moved me this morning. So POWERFUL. It was totally the inspiration I needed!"


Becoming the Heroine

Held via zoom, November 28, 2020-January 23, 2021, this Visionary Recharge of Feminine Power guided by the Mythos of Athena (Goddess of Wisdom, Companion of Heroes) brought women on a journey through Myth, Movement & Magic.

Here's what a few students have shared about their experience:

Athena S, Oregon, USA

"I have really found the Athena power stance Powerful daily and find myself doing it when tired, or heading to be heard in my home. All gestures of pray performance really, are invigorating in my personal life so powerful.

I have found courage and strength to draw in business allies and finances in forging a new Goddess inspired herbal business to change my path of flow towards devotion in serving and honoring Her, this way.

I feel that my Pegasus has been appearing in sacred geometry web through internal work, a deep source of courage, clarity and articulation to speak up and connect with others about body sovereignty, health wellness medical rights, and provide the resources of plant medicina, knowledge through tradition, life-season transition by ceremony, and authentic inspiration by embodiment in devotion.

I’ve also found myself looking at my personal relationships with sisters or other generally unbalance/broken relationships. Reanalyzing my own part and ego in each. Each relation ship has grown/healed and am learning to to speak with more awareness and open quite heart first, before reacting.. really listening to the downloads ..and this has helped heal three really important relationships.

Thank you Sophia Blanton  for this epic Alchemical formula."

Nneka, New York, USA

"This has been such an inspiring series and a beautiful group of powerful women. I loved meeting you all."

Natalie D, Perth, AUS

"Thank you so much for offering this today. It came just at the right time for me - helped clear the useless baggage that does not serve me (and never has) and crystalized my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. It was cathartic, moving, and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm happy to have done this twice now, I really feel like it's in my bones. Thanks again! xxx"

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